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Heads up! Smiles Ready! The Clearfield County SPCA 2023 Calendar Contest is in full swing!!!

The Clearfield County SPCA 2023 Calendar Contest is underway. We already have a bunch of photos already and still accepting more. If you are interested in joining in the fun, please head on over to the Calendar Contest tab and check it out! The photo shoots are over, but you can submit your own fun photos of your pets! We can't wait to see their happy faces in our 2023 Calendar!

Our 2022 Clearfield County SPCA Calendar Winners:

Betsey Kruckenberg with Mickey & Gizmo

Tracy, Jimmy & Alexis Gibson with Jazzie, Bentlie & Abbie

Gretchen & Lance Marshall with Daisy

Bill & Jennifer Shaw with Daisy & Dixie

Michael & Tava Sue Jury

Dan & Kelly Stilson with Zoe, Leggs, Dexter, Freya, Hank & LeRoy

Ashley Rick with Sully

Buzz & Sonya Johnson with Daisy

Kay Marshall with Fred, Archie & Skeeter

Kirsten Thacik with Odin

Stephanie Tarbay with Brownie & Frosting

Annie Livergood with Rocco Taco

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