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Happy 2022 Everyone!!!

Happy 2022! The Clearfield County SPCA would like wish everyone a grand and wonderful 2022 year ahead. The animals here are looking ahead to the day where they will find their forever homes in the upcoming year. While some have been here longer than others we will continue to provide and care for them as well as all the others coming in through our doors.

We would just like to take a moment and reflect on those who have stolen our hearts in 2021 and remain in our care. It is our passion to find them the loving homes they deserve. After finding Max his forever home right before Christmas the shelter livened up. Adoption numbers picked up tremendously, but there are still a few who are searching for the right family to call their own.

Louie, a domestic shorthair grey kitty who came in stray at the end of January 2021. He is such a sweet lap cat who loves to run around and play with the other kitties. He loves his freedom to play, but if there is a lap to be laid on, he will find it and claim it.

Monkey, a domestic shorthair tiger striped cat who has searching for his forever home since his owner passed away in February 2021. He has really come into his own here at the Clearfield County SPCA. Out of all the cats he came in with, Monkey was by far the shyest of all of them. It took him a long time to trust us. But once he realized he was loved, he became a big favorite in all of our hearts. He is always shy around new people, but once he warms up, all he wants all day long is belly rubs. He does excellent with all our other cats in the cat room as well.

Stripes, a domestic shorthair white and black striped kitty found his way to us after he was found as a stray living in a shed in March 2021. While he doesn’t like to play well with the other cats in our cat room, he mostly adores human affection. Stripes is one of our most adorable kitties with his round face and wonderful head bops.

These are just three of the cats we are currently waiting for their forever homes. They have stolen our hearts from us and as much as we would love them to stay we know there is a family out there who are able to care for them and give them a far better home than here at the shelter. Their wish for the year 2022 is to find their forever homes!


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