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**More Good News for this week**

This hoppy little ball of white fur is about to start a new chapter in his life! We are pleased to say that Peter will be living a fancy new life at Judge’s Park small animal rescue. Peter was brought in to us by our humane officers in late February 2021. They worked tirelessly to get the required paperwork Peter needed to find his new furever home. So he sat and patiently waited. While he was here with us waiting at the SPCA, he enjoyed hopping around and visiting with his fellow bunny neighbor. He would sit around and chew on his yummy little sticks and enjoy a delicious bowl of fresh fruits and veggies every day. He also appreciated a good ear rubbin’ too! Now Peter can enjoy hanging out with other bunnies like himself, among other friends, until he finds a nice family to adopt him. We would like to thank Judge’s Park and wish them all the best in Peter’s continuing journey through life. Have a Hoppy Day!!


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