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*Some Good News for this week*

Would you like to hear some good news?! Well we have a nice little feel-good story for you to read. On a cold day in late February our humane officers brought us a handsome boy named Cooper. His first day here with us at the shelter was February 26, 2021. He sat and patiently waited with a happy look on his face every day while carrying around his most favorite toy. For the entire duration of his stay with us he soaked up all the love and attention from everyone around him. He was just the happiest boy every day! He didn’t quite understand why he had to be here for so long, they were reasons beyond his control. However the day finally came. We finally got the permission needed to let Cooper find his forever home! And boy I tell ya, it only took him 4 days to find it!! So after a full year of being here with us, it was a bitter-sweet moment. We got to say our goodbyes and wish him and his new furever family all the best! Cooper now has some new playmates, both humans and furry friends like him. He has a fresh start at life and we couldn’t be happier!


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